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Notarial fees: how much does it cost to get a document notarised?



Because notaries in England and Wales are completely independent and are free to set their own fees we cannot give an accurate answer. Some notaries charge VAT, some do not.  Some notaries have a base fee and charge in accordance with the complexity of the matter, others charge on a time basis.  Most notaries are happy to provide a quotation of cost; however to do so accurately they often require to see the document or to know more about what you require in advance.  Many notaries will ask you to scan and email the documents in advance. Because notaries are required to carefully check identity and the capacity of the person signing the document to be notarised; fees vary according to the nature of the document requiring notarisation.  


Capacity means :
  1. The legal ability to sign; this is carefully checked when the issuer of the document to be notarised is a company. 
  2. That the person signing the document has the mental ability to understand the nature of the document and is not under pressure from another person to sign


Please select a full member of the MyNotary Network – identified by the quill symbol  at - and sent an email or make a phone call to find out how much you document will cost to be notarised and, if necessary, legalised.