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MyNotary Document Tracking System

The system in England and Wales for Notarisation, Apostille and Legalisation is unique and highly respected across the world - the stamp of an English or Welsh notary adds authority and importance to a document. 

It is because of this that a fraudster may create a fake document containing the signature of a genuine notary. 


Who uses forged / counterfeit documents?
Criminals, intending immigrants/refugees, terrorists …


Why are forged / counterfeit documents used?   to conceal own identity   to assume another identity   to conceal an adverse history; for example a criminal records check   to avoid an issuing authority; for example a fake degree certificate   For immigration purposes   to borrow money against   money laundering purposes   to sign on behalf of a company without authority to do so   … and there are many more reasons …..


This can make the English or Welsh notary a victim of identity theft – fraudsters may pass off a notarised document as genuine when in fact the whole documents is a fake – possibly part of a scam transaction or used to deceive someone relying on the contents of the document being true.


The MyNotary Network provides a route to guide the recipient of a notarised document back to the notary whose signature and seal the documents bears






Notaries may add a unique coded stamp with a tracking or Protocol number to each document genuinely notarised by them.


It is of course impossible to totally prevent fraud – the best we can hope for is to ensure MyNotary notaries are not easy targets


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