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Are you a Public Notary?


Are you getting as many enquires as you would like?

If not it may be because your notarial services can't be found by would-be clients.


Potential clients are most likely to ask a friend or colleague to recommend a notary public and then to search online to see if they "like the look" of the notary.


Join the MyNotary Network and be found AND be chosen; our experience tells us that notarial clients look for a professional image and an indication of expertise, and that they are prepared to travel to find the "right" notary.


Let that notary be you.  Be found from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device -MyNotary websites are mobile device friendly.


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It is not easy to find notaries in the UK; we provide quick and easy access to MyNotary Notaries through our unique set of interlinking websites and directories. And we get TOP listings for our members. Anything past the second page is totally ineffective!


What can we do for you?


We improve your business's online exposure: we help get your notary business found on search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We promote using Business Blogs & Twitter feeds; this is a great way to get traffic, leads and clients


We provide a MyNotary Document Tracking System route putting a recipient of a document notarised by you in direct contact with you. More information




We are part of the Mobile Generation; potential new clients love MyNotary notaries; they can simply click-and-call




Are you Reaching the Mobile Generation?



For example.

Note the Click-to-Call button!
Why would a potential client look further?


MyNotary notaries are part of the ‘mobile generation’.
When potential clients search using a smart phone browser, smart notaries have their ‘normal’ looking web site automatically directed to a mobile friendly web site. This great little site has click-to-call button. Why would a potential client look further? Contact us for proof that this works.

We want you to get more business – if you offer out-of-hours service then we will make sure clients know how to find you.


What do I get with my Listings?

MyNotary Network membership options:


Entry level membership Standard: £120 p.a. – no VAT

  • Entry in database. Example...
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    Premium Plus membership £62 per month or £720 pa

  • database entry Example...
  • Note; your entry can provide a valuable link to your social media profiles

    or, if you don’t have any, we can link you into the MyNotary

  • expanded keyword-rich database entry Example...
  • dual-purpose, specially-formatted-for mobile with click-to-call web page - this keyword-rich database entry may be found by Google diverting notarial enquiries to you or may be reached via the MyNotary Document Tracking System putting a recipient of a document notarised by you in direct contact with you. Example...
  • client facing news
  • Dedicated member web site optimised for search engines to get you to the top of Google on your terms. Example...
  • Many high quality links from our internationally- attractive (as in magnet) internet presence including
  • PP members receive a discount of 15% off the cost of all CPE seminars and workshops
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